NSEA is partnering with ATI to expand the talent of HBCUs and MSIs through Collaboration.

NSEA and ATI, both nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organizations will collaborate to jointly empower Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs) by bringing awareness of research and development opportunities and how to engage with the federal and commercial research and development marketplace.

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ATI BUILDS and LEADS technology development COLLABORATIONS

In 2021, representatives from ATI and NSEA held a series of meetings about their mutual goal to provide awareness of research opportunities to increase the nontraditional talent pool in the RDTE sector.  By 2022, the President of ATI met with the CEO of NSEA which resulted in a formal collaborative agreement to bolster the presence of unconventional researchers within the RDTE sector.

Collaboration allows for Better, Faster, and Smarter Access to Innovation

Our Consortiums utilize an Other Transaction Agreement (OT/OTA) which was created to provide access to innovative concepts / ideas / technologies from “non-traditional” sources (technology providers that previously have not done R&D business with the Government)