Expanding SC Underrepresented Minorities Footprint in the Cyber Security and Computer Science Workforce

The mission of the internship is to provide underrepresented minority students from SC historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) and Trident Technical College (TTC) the opportunity to gain firsthand insight into the computer science field through a guided program with the SC-based cyber security and computer science industry. Students learn real world skills and establish mentor-mentee relationships, while industry connects with local talent to meet their long-term workforce demands and help instill a passion for the field.

Via a nine-month virtual mentor relationship, a one-week immersion-style internship, and a Hackathon, the students are provided an opportunity to grow as computer scientists and gain valuable real world experience.


The Hack-a-SCHack Hackathon is an exciting hacking competition for SC Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) in South Carolina and Trident Technical College students to hone their cyber security and computer science skills. Participants from each college or university create teams to compete in the Capture-the-Flag event to stretch their security muscle and have FUN! After the day long event, the winners are announced and given prizes for their success! Each year, Hack-a-SCHack is hosted by a participating university or college.

Enhancing the Support Structure for the Cyber Security and Computer Science Workforce in SC Underrepresented Minorities Institutes

We are excited to once again invite South Carolina’s Information Technology and Cybersecurity community to participate in the S.C. Cyber Security–Computer Science Mentorship and Internship Program. The program is sponsored by a grant from the S.C. Department of Commerce. The goal is to create a more diverse and robust talent pipeline benefitting both South Carolina job seekers and job creators.

This project built upon the success of the inaugural 2022 program. A student cohort was brought together to collaborate with industry professionals to gain firsthand insight, hands-on experience, and mentor-mentee relationships with the potential to yield benefits for a lifetime.